You better Belize it.

Dear Friends and Family,

Please take the following multiple choice test to learn what is happening with me this fall.

1.This September I will:

a) Quit my job and sell suntan lotion in Hawaii

b) Go to Belize on a mission trip

c) Get married!

d) Do nothing

Answer: b (Why didn’t any of you pick c?)

2.While in Belize, I will:

a) Model the latest fall fashions from Paris

b) Toss quarters into the reef and wish for a new puppy

c) Work with Cornelius Foundation International to build
relationships and renovate schools in remote villages

d) Stay in San Ignacio

e)c and d

Answer: e (This is an exploratory trip for me which may lead to
a 6 month opportunity in January to teach English and continue
serving long-term)

3.The cost of my trip is:

a) Nothing, I am a lottery winner

b) $2,000.00

c) $4,500.00

d) $25.00

Answer: b

4.Would you consider:

a) Helping me iron my clothes before I go

b) Joining me as a prayer partner

c) Joining me as a financial partner

d) Calling my mom and telling her it is OK for me to travel on an

e) All of the above

Answer: e (But especially b and c. I desire to have partners in
this ministry. Please prayerfully consider if God would have you
be a part.)

5.To make a financial contribution:

a) Make a check payable to Cornelius Foundation International

b) Designate “Brooke Wilson” in the memo line

c) Mail to 448 Leeds Circle, Carmel, IN 46032

d) All of the above

Answer: d (contributions are tax-deductible)

God Bless,



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