Whatsoever things are praisworthy

I appreciate:

  • My good friend who put stamps and return addresses on 100 envelopes for me. She also sat with me at the free clinic for 3 hours on her day off, and I appreciate that.
  • A competent and supportive supervisor who laughs at my jokes and believes in what I do and how I do it.
  • Wednesday nights out with the girls.
  • Steven’s constant, quiet encouragement to keep writing.
  • My good friend and hawaiian-hearted co-worker who has shown me with and without words that she supports what I am about to do.
  • My grandma, who sold $250 worth of my homemade fund-raising foot jewelry to all her friends on my behalf, even though she thinks I am going to have to shave my head from lice infestation if I don’t get clubbed over the head and killed first. That is a direct quote.
  • My dad, who purchased a peice of foot jewelry, 5 ducks, and pledged my walk-a-thon team because he supports everything I do, no matter what.
  • An hour-and-a-half with a clinical supervisor who consistently encourages me to keep trying new things no matter what other people are saying.
  • 2 Samuel 14:14
  • My new friend who bought 5 ducks and drove them to my work today without even having met me.
  • A new friend who researched funding options in the community and forwarded my support letter to his contacts just because he wanted to help.
  • Sharon because she ran my mom’s garage sale.
  • My mom, for donating the money.
  • Denise and Lisa because they make me feel like I still have family in Carmel, and because they are the brightest shining lights I know.
  • My neighbor, for inviting me over for dinner. And my other neighbors for not telling on me when I grill on my balcony.
  • Being melanoma free!

Mostly I appreciate those of you who have encouraged and supported, who have not run away when I pull out ten-thousand beads or walk-a-thon sheets or duck tickets, who look at my websites and applications and program descriptions, who understand where I’ve been and where I am going and continue to believe I am headed somewhere, not just anywhere.


3 thoughts on “Whatsoever things are praisworthy”

  1. you made me cry. This is very sweet and very touching and obviously heart felt. I’m glad amidst all of the “life” that goes on, you are smart enough to stop and appreciate the good stuff. I love you. P.S. Did I pay you for my ducks?


  2. i believe you are headed somewhere not just anywhere. (and i’m glad that in a month u and sprinky are headed to sc)


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