Beginning the end.


25 minutes ago Hurricane Felix was upgraded to a category 3 hurricane and is headed strait for Belize. It is expected to make landfall (over the entire tiny country) on Wednesday morning as a category 4. Please pray for protection!

Also, I had the strangest thought today: what if this is the last great weekend before fall? The weather is perfect, the company is great (my step-twin and my best friend are sitting next to me) and it seems like when things are this right in life, everything is about to change. The air outside just smells like the end of summer, don’t you think? Anyway, I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy something.

I enjoyed, in random order: molten chocolate, my step-twin, 75 degree weather, Lakeside park, Flattop grill, Hairspray, church, almond lattes at Firefly, The Taj buffet, $3 sparkling wine, Calhoun Street, The Dash, the new Irish pub downtown, Coldstone, Steph, Jill, Dezzy & Kimmy, Sprinky (who is very funny, if you haven’t heard) an authentic Irish-lady sighting—she’ll remain unnamed, Saigon, a warm card from an old friend I’d lost contact with, Barr Street market, and, most importantly, windows down with the VIBE blasting.

I am thankful for the gift of life and for the spectacular ordinary-ness of the weekend. It could be the last great one, you know.

PS: Yes, I am throwing my own good-bye party

Dinner and drinks at Henry’s

Friday, September 14th


Come for dinner, or just stop by for a cocktail.

Bring a friend.


3 thoughts on “Beginning the end.”

  1. hat is one of the great and ironic things of life, it always changes whether we want it to or not, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Don’t know about you but I’m still learning that it is how we deal with it that makes life fun or not. Love you !!! Dad.


  2. update:Felix is a category 5

    Please pray for those we love at the Hillside Clinic; our friends, students and teachers in the villages at Boom Creek, Santa Familia, San Marcos, Duck Run II; for all the people living on the islands and those living along the coast.


  3. You enjoyed many good things I see. Taj, wine, barr st., and the vibe! and hooray for cooler nights, what a weekend. It was throughout the weekend right? You didn’t fit all that into one day did you? that would be goodness overload I think.


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