I landed in Nuremburg about 6 hours ago, safe and sound. My fights were all great, Germany turned out to be surprisingly beautiful in the fall, and Elaine and I waved and jumped and hugged and all that other reunion-y stuff.

We went to Amberg first (on the way to her home in Vilsek) and had coffee, sandwiches and this little apple-seltzer drink thingy to toast good times. I decided, as she was speaking fluent German to the waitress, that whenever I wanted to say something in German, I would just add “schnitzel” on the end. For example, I said, “I’ll have the apple-schnitzel,” and Elaine understood that to mean the Apple drink. I think everything is going to work out just fine language-wise.

I have not been to sleep yet, because we played Bunco with her friends. I didn’t win a thing, but it was fun and I am deliriously happy, mostly in a sleepy trance since receiving my 4th or 5th wind…


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