So, the plan was to go to Guatemala (only a few miles away) to Melcher so I could purchase all my little souvenirs for all of you, at a cheaper rate. You know, the little beaded bracelets and coin purses and things that say Belize? I made a checklist to be organized, because I break into a frenzied sweat when trying to buy souvenirs. Just ask Elaine, who sat with me on the floor of a German supermarket while I tried to figure out what kind of chocolate to bring home, and for who, and how much? It was stressful.

Anyway, the first thing I bought was ice cream- not on the list. Then I followed Francis around for an hour through rows and rows of clothing- not on the list. Then we stumbled upon this amazing little shop owned by real, true full-blooded Guatemalan Indians and purchased two bags of things not on the list. But CUTE things, okay? Including a little handmade Guatemalan sundress for baby Lily.

I never even saw one beaded bracelet or coin purse or anything that said “Belize” so, Erin, sorry. I am still going to do my best to find you the coinpurse that says Belize, but if I come home empty-handed, you’ll know I tried… I can still check that one place by the river…

Anyway. Here are some pics of the day.

Me & Francis


Me & the Indians


France & the Indians


Dwayne, Frances, Me & Inez



After hours and hours at the Indian shop



Inez & Dwayne (on the streets…)


PS- My brother, Ben, graduated from boot camp/AIT on Thursday. He was one of 3 people (out of 190-something) to receive honors and a promotion to the next rank- go boonjy! He leaves for Alaska tomorrow, where he’ll be stationed until he leaves for Iraq in August.

He told my mom, “Yeah, the tower was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Man, looking down from there and having to repel down, i mean it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I’m so afraid of heights.”
And then he said, “When I get to Alaska I’m putting in for Airborne school.”
Good ol’ Boonjy.

He’s third from the right. The cute one in the back.


Love you Ben!



2 thoughts on “Melcher”

  1. Yay. I love finding updates on here and love hearing about your adventures. I’m also glad to see I-O-W-A visited another country. Way to represent the step-boo! Ha. I miss you!!


  2. ok, obviously i’ve been behind and am just now catching up. but it’s sorta funner to read a lot all at once. i’ve been thinking of you lots. This is what I love: pink t-shirt, check! black capris, check! color coordinated pink and black flip flops, check, check!


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