stirrups doctor indonesia me

I have this little thing on my page that keeps track of page referrals.

The following is a list of actual google searches that directed poor, searching (apparently ill) people to this page:

immunization clinic
life changing moments in paris
can we feel parasites
lifechanging unemployment stories
shingles versus scabies
blood in stool turned out okay
in 19th week the baby moments feel continuously
amoeba parasite antibiotic

stirrups doctor indonesia me
avelut engagement
laws of avelut for shabbat

I’m happy to know my words are out there as a resource for immunization-seeking, parasitic, shingly OR scabie ridden people who have blood in their stool but want it to turn out okay, for those seeking life-changing moments in either Paris or unemployment, for pregnant women in 19th week, and also for the Jewish.

Thank you for keeping this page active. I salute you and wish you the best of health.


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