I wish

I wish the hostess had not yelled out “Party of One!” in the middle of an 8:00 Saturday night restaurant crowd.

I wish the streetcar driver had not yelled at me in front of the whole streetcar for trying to use a transfer ticket at a non-transfer stop.

I wish I had not cried on the streetcar.

I wish I could be in Fort Wayne tonight on somebody’s couch.


15 thoughts on “I wish”

  1. i love brownies. i love your couch. i love that song- although, it always makes me think of Jessica and Helen at airband…


  2. advice from the king of single (and sometimes lonely): order out-eat in. no “party of one” situations. keep your chin up kid.


  3. Brookie you’ll survive! Embrace the fact that you aren’t tied down anywhere and that you have the liberty to say “party of one”! Only the most confident are able to do that! Be proud of yourself! Loneliness comes and goes…just enjoy the moments that you are an independent being because these moments my darling fade quickly! You’re brave…. So smile! Xo m.


  4. it’s amazing how rude people can be. no regard for girls who are a little sensitive cause they just moved 12 hours away from cozy little fort wayne! cue otis redding, “try a little tenderness”


  5. similar story brookie- i was at the ale emporium the other night with some friends but i had failed to notice that i was the only one that wasn’t either married or engaged to the person sitting next to me. when we told the waitress that we were ready to pay up, she points to the three couples- “you two are together, you two are together, you two are together” – and then points to me “and you’re single.” I accidentally said out loud “thanks for pointing that out!” to quote sprinky- bastards.


  6. I wish I was there to take you to dinner! Better yet!..wish you were here so I could invite you over for dinner! :) I’m serious! :)


  7. reminds me of my time in florida when i called micah at midnight crying into my pillow cuz i had no one to call to go out for a beer, lonliness sucks
    give sjp kisses
    from me and keep one for yourself


  8. if sprinky would bug me about it more i would upload the song i wrote about you guys. it will make you feel 20% better for 3 days.


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