Hark! What shoe through yonder window breaks?

I am home! SJP is a little damp, but still fantastic.

It took 5 years to unload my car because of this:

Parking spot on fourth floor
Adorn myself with bags and tubs
Take elevator to second floor
Cross skybridge
Wobble through the hospital
Cross skybridge
Up elevator to third floor
Drag myself down the hall
Unlock apartment
Drop load.

Everything I own. One armful at a time.

By the time I was finished, it was 6:00 and The Hills was on—an excellent and surprising turn of events! I really needed groceries, but decided (in light of Audrina’s birthday party in Vegas) to put off grocery shopping until tomorrow. I could totally make do with these ingredients in my kitchen: oatmeal, shells, butter, and Diet Coke. Easy. I made shells and butter for dinner and had oatmeal for dessert.

Unfortunately, that held for only 20 minutes and what I really wanted was Double Stuffed Oreos, wine and milk for the morning. When Sprinky told me this exact same episode was re-airing tomorrow, I was out the door.

Right away, I noticed something different on Canal. People were already out on Bourbon St. and you could already hear Jazz, and it was only 6:30pm. Usually things are quiet until about 9:30. After 10, there’s a band on every corner. But 6:30? Unheard of.

(You should have seen me and Sprinky cruising around at 8pm when I first got here looking for all this so-called jazz and crazy nightlife…)

Then I remembered the curfew in still in place, and I understood that people were just getting everything in before dark. It’s like the whole pattern of nightlife was picked up and dropped off about 4 hours earlier. They must have gotten started at 2 in the afternoon! I decided curfew was just how I liked this city: a little food, a little jazz, a few drinks, some dancing—in bed by 10.

Bad news for early evening grocery runs, though. Everything closed at 5. And everything else closed at 6. Gas stations, Wal-mart, Whole Foods, Walgreens—everything. On top of that, National Guard troops were posted down every possible side street you could think to try—with their scary guns and big tanks and camoflauged hummers. I felt like they might not understand my late-night Oreo run as a matter of importance.

So I turned around. Dusk closed in. Street bands packed up their instruments. The city was a ghost town by 7 and it was dark by the time I made it back up to the 4th floor of the parking garage. No Oreos. No Hills. Only noodles. Oh, and a bag of peanut M&Ms from the vending machine: a well-balanced meal before my VERY important first day of school tomorrow.

PS: Hark! What shoe through yonder window breaks? The mustard mary-jane pair: my brand new school shoes that can FINALLY be worn tomorrow!



11 thoughts on “Hark! What shoe through yonder window breaks?”

  1. not audrina’s birthday, but frankie’s. i won’t tell you what happened, but it was a doozy. sorry about the oreo’s though.


  2. AND tonight is a new episode so you better get caught up:) I just became a Hills fan and had to catch up on three seasons! I’m a Hills junkie.


  3. Dear Granddaughter,
    Sooo glad you back at home in NOLA!
    Makes me want to cook a good ol grammy dinner for you. Guess what.. Lily and your Mom are spending the week end with me.Yipee! Unfortunately….I am hopping around with either Mr. Cane or Mr. Walker thewse days! Bad Hip! ugh! Hope your classes are good and interesting. oh yes..noticed your funky shoes! Love you XXXOOO


  4. I hate when I do what I just did! I had typed a comment, and went back to ask you something on your blog, and when I came back to my comments they were g-o-n-e, v-a-n-i-s-h-e-d, c-a-p-u-t!!!
    I am glad you are back in NOLA. How is SJP handling the different weather? And, hopefully you have been able to “make groceries.”
    The yellow (gold or mustard-colored????) shoes are definitely eye catchers. They should attract attention!
    Weldon missed 2 days of work this week being sick, so we are not going to Oxford for the Ole Miss-Samford football game. We will probably just watch the water rise. It (Ike) was higher today than Gustav last week.
    I talked to Glenn last night, and told him you are at Tulane. He got his bachelor’s and law degree from Tulane. He said the Social Work department is very good there.
    Aunt Dot just called me (your Grammy)and we while we were talking, you beeped in, so I told her to give you a big hello from me!
    Too much writing, I know.


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