Really, Mardi Gras? Really?

Mardi Gras is here. Do you know how I know? My apartment building is fenced off and there are guards at every entrance. I can’t park on the street, and to get into the building, I have to have to be wearing a wristband corresponding with the parade color of that day. My apartment number is on each wristband, and if I forget the wristband or wear the wrong color, I sleep on the streets. If that happens, though, I wont starve because I can reach out and touch 5 different funnel cake and corndog stands. It’s beautiful, really.



The upside: drinks and beads all around for the next 10 days!


6 thoughts on “Really, Mardi Gras? Really?”

  1. And I am jealous. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities. I have been there twice, pre- and post Katrina. I know I am crazy, but I would love to see Mardi Gras in full swing. All those cool floats and colors and it has to be spring like there right now. Sigh…why didn’t I move to Louisiana.


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