Brooke, vegetables. Vegetables, Brooke.


Don’t they look lost and lonely on my counter?

After a nice little rally from New Years to Mardi Gras, and then a month straight of King Cake and margaritas, I have reintroduced fruits and vegetables to the diet. They were kind of shaky on the way home from the grocery, and they were very quiet all night, sort of clumping together and looking around nervously. I told them they’d get used to it, and they didn’t really protest. They just sat there and eyed the frosted frog cookies trying to creep up on them from the left. They are a smart bunch.

Yes, I know I’m weird.


5 thoughts on “Brooke, vegetables. Vegetables, Brooke.”

  1. And that banana doesn’t look like it’s feeling too good either. And it has its back turned to the veggies. Very antisocial, I think. Better eat it soon, or you may have to “eat it with a straw”!


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