Take home exam, Part II

I had a meltdown tonight that started with the realization that there was a Part II to my take home exam. I called Sprinky. She asked if I had a cold. I told her no, that I was crying and that I couldn’t even think of a good reason why since Part II only added two more double-spaced pages.

By the end of the conversation, I’d cried through the cellulite I had discovered on my thigh 20 minutes earlier and the resignation to aging and out-of-shapeness, which was only amplified by the understanding that I would not be able to get to the gym to play basketball tomorrow at 6 because I’d have to stay up later to finish the stupid exam; and after that, that I’d seen the most beautiful sunsets from the levee 4 nights in a row and had done my best to share them with people, but that at the end of the day, it was still only me walking to my car in the dark; and after that, that I’d missed the gorgeous moon tonight, but saw it last night when everyone else was busy and I was exploding with spectacular full-moon goodness; and after that, that the plane tickets I went to buy jumped like $70 during the 3 minutes I was trying to purchase them. My family—all 8 sides of them—will be together on the same day at the same time for my niece’s first birthday party, and American Airlines is messing with me. I don’t know when that will happen again barring a funeral or my own wedding. Doesn’t the airline industry know that?

In the end, it turned out that 80 degrees and sunny reminded me of summer in Fort Wayne with our little sliding door open, and me on the couch and Sprinky in the bedroom, and everyone coming in and out, and air mattresses all over the place, the OC and champagne, and the baby Weber grill, and my family only 2 hours away. I haven’t spent a summer outside of Fort Wayne in almost 10 years. What I’m missing here is couple of SCAN peeps, a very icy tall nonfat mocha on the corner of State and Coliseum, Elaine on my air mattress, a ten-year old following me around for weeks at a time, dusk on my balcony, and one very important Sprinky on the couch.



What I have instead is Schroeder’s take home exam part II, which seems to be as hazardous as tear gas or something.


10 thoughts on “Take home exam, Part II”

  1. Brooke, as always, I love your posts. This one made me cry and laugh. Just to put something in perspective for you: in a side by side comparison with me, you have nothing to worry about re: aging and out-of-shapeness! Trust me on this. :-)


  2. brooke-i had a mini meltdown last week when it suddenly occurred to me that i am turning 30 this year. 30???? wait…30?
    i could go on and on about how this is freaking me out and how it revealed things to me but I won’t.
    hang in there Brooke!


  3. but, now you can stay on an air mattress at my house in fort wayne! lydia and bernie are a few houses down to torture, and $1 light lemonades are around the corner! (a 10 year old follow me around for weeks…..didn’t that feel like FOR-EV-ER!?? )


  4. so, are you coming back to indiana? or are you moving to another new apartment? i am so out of the loop.
    and seriously, you can totally do finals. i know it.


  5. I had my meltdown on Thursday, hence the reason I requested to be outside haha. I have also noticed cellulite lately and it brings a tear to my eye b/c self care and the gym have taken a backseat to this special ed program called Tulane School of Social Work :) I agree that American Airlines is messing with you, I can scream at them if it would make you feel better. god knows I have a lot to vent HAHA


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