3 thoughts on “Brooke? You look like a beggar.”

  1. I love it when you are on a mission…your thoughts, your experiences, your perspective…I guess I find myself living vicariously through you. Lucky me! Could you please take a picture of your Richard, Anontia, the bustop, the stoop, Shawn and Bryon? It would be fun to see. I love you and pray for you constantly. You are still my hero.


  2. Aw, they’re already making fun of you! It’s just the thing to make you feel like you’re at home and part of the bunch. Nuthin’ like a good jab to make you feel all warm and cozy.

    And nothing like running after the bus, too. That was totally me in Schwalheim. I’d think I was all early and walk outside just to see the bus zooming by, the busdriver smugly laughing AT me, and all the neighborhood geriatrics staring. I guess that will be me in a few weeks again when we move to Mainz.

    I’m so glad you’re finding opportunity and excitement with your work. I can’t even imagine teaching girls they have rights. It seems like it would feel like you’re re-inventing the wheel. Thanks for sharing all this with us. Your travels make me a more well rounded person.

    We got in country 6 hours ago, and we drive straight to Wiesbaden. We met with the housing, and now Doug is sitting in our housing briefing. I totally ditched. I’m that kind of wife. I have to draw the line somewhere, Army. So, I’m using the internet in the USO and they have about a billion cool trips listed in here. I wish you were coming back over here after Belize sometime.

    I liked your bed all decorated : )


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