Are you going back to the room, babe?

I know! Let’s go to the quarter.
We don’t live in New Orleans.

Want to go to the lake?
But we don’t have a boat.

We could call our friends- maybe they have a boat?
But we don’t have any friends.
Yeah we do. We have those one friends.
They’re in Ohio.

Let’s go to Taste of Madison!
We don’t live in Wisconsin.

How about a hike.
Where? It’s 96 degrees.

Let’s take the kids to the pool.
We don’t have any kids.

We could ride our bikes to B. Ripp for lunch and–?

Having already covered this in other cities, I immediately knew what we had to do:

Get iced coffees and sneak into the Sheraton Rooftop Pool downtown, duh.

In which we pretend to be staying here: Are you going back to the room, babe?


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