I Am: Food, Places, People, Words

I went on a little Scribes retreat today. Scribes is a) My writing group and b) My pals.

At first I thought it might be writing boot camp, because we had to leave at 6:30am and they told me to bring hiking shoes. But then we stopped at Panera for giant coffees and then we drove 2 hours to Denise and Jackie’s adorable micro-homes in Freedom Forest, where a little breakfast was waiting for us, and then we had a nice walk around a lake, and then we ate loads of chocolate cake. Oh yes, also we did some writing and reading with a good amount of laughing and a tear or two. So, you know. Not boot camp at all.

We did a writing exercise called I Am.  These are 4 categories in which we complete the sentence I am… to describe ourselves. The categories are food, places, people, and words spoken into our lives. I plan to complete this exercise every Sunday as a kind of check-in, because things are always changing, yes? If you like it, please respond with your own answers.  (Wouldn’t that be fun?) (Yes, Brooke, that would be SO fun.)

I am butter cream frosted, molten chocolate, squishy and undercooked, a smidge larger than a normal slice, a brownie-toothed smile with sprinkles on top. And then I am seconds.

I am a bright raincoat, fleece-lined snow boots, dry-touch bug spray, mosquito net, 5-way-wearing-multi-scarf. I am roll-up and adaptable, about 10-pounds too heavy, with a preference for hot, a reverence for the mountain, and at ease with the uneasy. I am, in my heart, lying on a beach somewhere holding a pina colada.

I am my mom’s hair and my dad’s freckles. I am always chasing the brother train because no one thinks about inviting the sister. I am the glue, the caretaker, the organizer, and the bridge from one family member to the next. I am a selfish wife on Tuesdays and a fantastic wife on Fridays to a husband who’s yet to have an off day. I am the beholder of generous friends.

I am blessed abundantly, addicted to bags, creative, freakishly prolific. I am wear your sunscreen and 10% in savings, 10% to the church and no natural talent, but worked real hard. I am be safe and be smart and you’re gonna bring home an orphan.

Please tell me: Who are you?
*Don’t forget the categories: Food, Places, People, Words spoken into your life.


3 thoughts on “I Am: Food, Places, People, Words”

  1. I am kale and turnips steaming up the windows on a cold winter day; bubbling pots of spaghetti sauce flavored with rosehip wine; veggies straight from the garden and dashed with salt; a shared spoon of peanut butter with my favorite little white fuzzy dog; sweet watermelon juice and warm tortillas stuffed with warm plantains fried in butter and brown sugar.

    I am an inner city vacant lot on a dead end street, the dirty White River on hot summer days, a big red barn with old hay, a busy city with a steady heartbeat, little yellow houses, a narrow jungle path, a Mayan ruin echoing lessons of the past, and a peaceful Feathered Nest.

    I am a daughter of a mother I barely knew, the admirer of a father who loved big, the little sister of one who teaches life lessons from around the world, a student of many wise aunts, teachers, neighbors, and friends, and the adopted child of a King.

    I am “what goes around comes around. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. If you’re wondering if you should call, the answer is always, ‘YES'”! And no matter what, always be ready to say, “here am I Lord, send me”.


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