About Me


Hello, my name is Brooke.

I’m a clinical social worker turned writer turned photojournalist turned social worker again.

(you: Hi Brooke!)

This space began as an email journal in 2005 to friends and fam, documenting my weeks with the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina where I discovered I liked writing, and also that people were sort of crazy.

It continued through my 20s as a single-person guide for mostly how to quit your job and move to Belize and/or navigate seeing old boyfriends at church; saw me through grad school in New Orleans where I didn’t know a single person and relied solely on a cardboard cutout of Sarah Jessica Parker for entertainment and friendship; back to Belize again and straight through to marriage following a season of post-grad school unemployment, a move to Indianapolis, a stint working in the ER, through a fellowship year with a social justice travel magazine called World Next Door (during which my photographer/physical therapist husband and I embedded with organizations in Rwanda, Cambodia, Nepal, Las Vegas and Cuba working toward social justice to write and photograph their work); an unexpected move to Chicago, years of infertility and pregnancy loss, loads of family mishaps and, uh, all the tiny things that happen in between our actual lives as professors and counselors.

The ongoing essaying of life was never actually the plan, but then I just kept writing…

Because the internet needs to know, my favorites are: weather patterns, adorable nieces/nephs, and eating dessert. All the dessert. I write about faith and family, the silly and ordinary, and I will do almost anything to make you laugh.


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