A Conversation With No Words

First, Mom-sung brought out this little pink dragon fruit

Dragon fruit

Then, she chopped it up for us because we had no idea how to get inside

Mom-sungchopped fruit

Then we ate it, and it stained our faces and hands dark pink


Which led to a discussion about clothing and face dye out of dragon fruit

(When I say discussion, I mean gestures)

Which led to Mom-sung giving me a tube of pink lipstick

Which led her to opening it and applying it for me

And then she requested, via gesture, that I kiss Jeff on the cheek to leave a stain

Which led to nail “stain”

Which led to Mom-sung giving me a bottle of pink nail polish, which you can see next to the lipstick tube


Which led to one of the Daughters painting my nails


Which is the best “conversation” I’ve ever had with no words!