Week four, get behind me.

Well, the good news is my cellulite is almost gone.

The bad news is I spent yesterday in the hospital receiving hydration and antibiotics through an IV.

(The worst news is that I puked on two people. I was on the bus from Santa Familia to Belmopan trying to get my Visa renewed. Antonia put the window down, but it was too late. I put my hand over my mouth and ran to the front of the bus while Antonia yelled, “Stop the bus!” I jumped out while the bus was still moving. Everyone watched me get sick on the side of the road. That’s when Antonia decided it was time to visit Belmopan General.)

Today I am home and feeling much better, thank you.
I moved to Antonia’s house, where, unfortunately there is no internet. Updating might be less frequent. I have to roam the open streets for a signal- or just walk to Davids. BUT, on the plus side, I’ll be healthier here, we think.

Some other tidbits from week four:

  • Ben called from Boot Camp. He used his whole 8 minutes to tell me that he’s proud of me. (He’s the nicest brother.) His birthday is February 16th, and we are trying to send him some love. If you would like to mail Ben a birthday letter, send it to:PRIVATE BENJAMIN WILSON
    RN #242
    D Company 1-19 IN
    9075 Holcomb
    Ft. Benning, GA 31905
  • Elaine called from Germany. I miss her.
  • Mr. Gay (my French uncle) called from France. He received the picture book, and said, “Bwoooookie? Elan. Bwooookie photo. Happy. Happy. Happy. Bwoooookie resemble Karen. Happy. Happy. Bwooooookie and Elan. Photo. Thank you very much Bwooookie.”

This weekend I am supposed to go to the Blue Hole and the Belize Zoo if I am feeling better. I really hope to be feeling better.

Thank you so much for the prayers, phone calls, emails and letters.
I miss you.




I landed in Nuremburg about 6 hours ago, safe and sound. My fights were all great, Germany turned out to be surprisingly beautiful in the fall, and Elaine and I waved and jumped and hugged and all that other reunion-y stuff.

We went to Amberg first (on the way to her home in Vilsek) and had coffee, sandwiches and this little apple-seltzer drink thingy to toast good times. I decided, as she was speaking fluent German to the waitress, that whenever I wanted to say something in German, I would just add “schnitzel” on the end. For example, I said, “I’ll have the apple-schnitzel,” and Elaine understood that to mean the Apple drink. I think everything is going to work out just fine language-wise.

I have not been to sleep yet, because we played Bunco with her friends. I didn’t win a thing, but it was fun and I am deliriously happy, mostly in a sleepy trance since receiving my 4th or 5th wind…