Life according to Alias

I am lying on my couch with a heaping bowl (the second heaping bowl) of Life Cereal glued to the 1am showing of Alias on CBS. I was exhausted at 11:15 and 12am and 12:30, but when I went to bed, every possible issue came from far and wide to cram itself into my brain…

So I’m watching Sidney talk to Vaughn thinking about how lucky she is and wishing I could live inside that show, you know?

I’m saying to myself, Sidney’s life is so awesome. She probably didn’t have to fill out Grad school applications online today and wonder who she was going to get references from or spend months trying to figure out which program she even wanted to apply for, and she probably isn’t sitting on the edge of her seat waiting for a callback from a job she really wants, and I’m sure she’s not flipping out about the loud noise her car is making even though she was just at Midas on Friday, and she probably isn’t trying to figure out how to best support her mom’s new internet boyfriend and her dad who has decided that now is the time to reconcile, and, surely, the farthest thing from her mind as she stares into Vaughn’s eyes is the growing mole on her arm and the faint recollection that she didn’t wear sunscreen this morning at the pool, or how, thanks to insomnia, she is going to have to explain, again, to 50 people why she skipped church tomorrow morning to sleep in. Nope. Not Sid.

I mean, in this episode all she is doing is saying goodbye to her mother, who just jumped off a skyscraper without revealing where her kidnapped father was, and she just found out her best friend is really a mutated double who just killed her other best friend, and, I mean, she ended up having to kill the mutated best friend, and she actually woke up two years later to find her fiance, Vaughn, married an evil double agent because he thought she was dead, but geez. It’s Sidney were talking about. She’ll handle it and still get Vaughn in the end despite Sloan, Sark, Lauren, Irena, AND the big red ball thingy. I guess, though, she had to give up Jack for it, which is REALLY sad. I guess in the end not even Sidney gets to have it all.

You can look for your own speck of proverb in all of that. I think I am tired now.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I graduated to a full-sized cubicle on Thursday. Sidney is silently cheering for me because she is watching my life from the other side of the TV thinking, ‘Brooke has the awesomest life. I bet her mom isn’t jumping off a skyscraper…’