Tap dancing in the cafeteria

Behold the funny, followed by the crazy.

This is a video of the Fort Wayne Ballet doing some tap lessons with a group of our kids in the cafeteria.  Note the big guy in the plaid shorts pointing his foot just so.



Today I went to the McCormick site to collect some pre-tests and attendance records, and here is an account of everything that followed:

  • The radio announced a severe thunderstorm warning for Allen county.
  • I got out of the car and walked toward the club, but was momentarily distracted by the dark swirly clouds above me. Also, a witch on a bicycle in the sky. I think I have a sixth sense about these things.
  • The electricity went out in the club.
  • The plumber arrived to fixthe overflowing toilet on the first floor.
  • Tornado sirens went off.
  • Parents came running for their kids.
  • We stuffed 35 kids into one hallway the size of a bathtub.
  • The executive director arrived to give a tour with the housing director and a potential donor.

At this point, Ken was standing on a chair in the bathroom shining a flashlight onto the plumber, and the kids and I were stuffed like sardines into the stairwell trying to figure out whether or not the tornado warning had expired.

The director didn’t even know there was a tornado. I can only imagine her internal dialogue.

After two hours with no electricity or air circulation, the entire club smelled like an overflowing toilet and dirty kids. We had to close early.

It took me 40 minutes to get back to the Fairfield site, because all the roads looked like this:


It’s a floating Cadillac.