Tacos, anyone?

Today I will get a tooth, compliments of the belly of an 18-wheeler which almost crushed me 3 years ago, and by happenstance, the 4-month process of pulling, implanting and crowning the tooth ends today—the three year anniversary of the accident. Coincidence?

The dollar amount assigned to that experience and the problems that followed equaled a giant chunk to Anthem, a giant chunk to Nationwide, a tooth implant and a plane ticket to Germany. Cash it all in, and to me, it was health and freedom.

I wouldn’t do it again, and I cringe when I think of what lay ahead of me on this day 3 years ago, but I am thankful for my tooth (since, after all, I have been waiting patiently with a giant hole in my mouth for three months!), and I embrace the belief that, in life, we mostly just have to walk around the messes, pick up on the other side and keep moving forward.

Let’s have a taco—or some other kind of crunchy food—party! Las Lomas, anyone?


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