Day 3: Imodium does not equal Ibuprofen

Day 3
Same as yesterday: Wake-up. Eggs & tortillas. Deet. Load the van. Bumpy ride.

We arrived in Santa Familia and spent the morning painting and teaching. The kids in the school had a chance to work on and present writing projects to the rest of the class, and their stories were beautiful. Plus, their accents were just so cute.

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We broke for lunch at 12, and Antonia said she had driven down to the corner BBQ stand to order chicken for lunch, but it had not arrived yet. Dan whipped out his guitar, and we decided to sing for a couple minutes until lunch arrived. Yes, that hot mess in the front with hot pink umbros and neon shades is me. What? Walk away.

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Two hours later, lunch had not arrived and we were still singing.

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In Belize time, minutes and hours are the same measurement. Lunch came at about 2:30, after we had forged though the entire songbook and had also begun to take requests. It was the most delicious meal I might have ever eaten. Goooood chicken. Goooood tortillas. Exxxxtra hungry.

After lunch, our entire team spent the afternoon painting. Randy and Dan (also known as Randy and Dandy) painted the outside of the school, while the rest of us covered books and painted Dr. Suess murals.

Here’s where it gets juicy.

I was standing on a desk painting a camel above the chalkboard, when my weight shifted and I stepped on the corner at a bad angle. The desk flipped out from under me and I fell hard, banging my shin on the ledge of the desk. I thought I was going to die. I mean, it was the kind of pain that makes you see stars, and I couldn’t look at it for a few minutes because I was afraid to know.

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Someone on the team brought me Tylenol, another person went to find ice, and our team leader brought me 2 Ibuprofen for the swelling. I remember thinking (after I swallowed) that they tasted chalky, and I asked Becky if they were chewable, but she just shrugged. Lesson one: look at medicine before you eat it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the sidewalk with ice. This little girl from the village sat next to me almost the whole time and told me all about her brothers and sisters. She was so sweet, and I was so grateful for her company. It was one of those rare moments when you look at someone and see Jesus. Me and Fatima and the Prince of Peace all sitting on the sidewalk together.

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Later in the week, I found out that the Ibprofuen Becky gave me was actually Imodium. She laughed and cried at the same time when she confessed. It was a seriously unfortunate and funny accident that stayed with me for days until I found the medkit and some ex-lax. That’s another story for another day.

Before dinner we met with Even from CARE Belize and BCVI, and learned about all he is doing for handicapped kids in Belize, too much to recount. God is blessing his ministry.

Dinner was Mexican night, and we had GANACHES and tortillas! Yes!


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