Knock, knock.

Mom: Is God there?
Brooke: What?
Mom: Have you seen Him?
Brooke: Who, God? He’s right here. Why?
Mom: Just wondered if you had any spiritual awakenings or confirmations.


Dear Mom,

God is in the Village Catholic Church, even if you’re tempted to think he’s only in the Evangelical Church down the road.

God is in Inez, Antonia’s mother, who tells me stories of His faithfulness every day at 8:15 and 1:30, when I am sitting with her before and after my classes, and when she shares each morning’s Daily Bread reading with me. She used to believe in the stars, because she is Mayan, and that’s what Mayan’s believe in. But God spoke to her. In a dream. And she followed! I love that she found Truth in a dream and pursued it. And I love that God still speaks through dreams.

God is in Antonia’s father, who pulled me aside after church on Sunday to tell me he has received word that some young girls in the village are “selling their bodies” for money, and that he has discerned the need to call a Village Council meeting to address the issue. He has asked me to be present at the meeting, as a voice for social issues, and to think of solutions—of jobs the girls could do legitimately, a way to convince them of their value and worth internally, to teach a better way. I am certain God will be attending the meeting.

God is in all eleven beautiful sunsets I have witnessed thus far, and He is in my neighbor, Sabrina, who takes me up the hill to watch the sunset from above the Coconut farm whenever I feel like witnessing something extraordinary, as if He is personally taking my hand to show me more of His own creation.




I love that God is creative, and that I am free to be creative, and that He values that quality in me.

God is in the old man who pulls out his lawn chair and guitar every day at 3:30 and plays for all the kids walking home from school. What a simple expression of appreciation for life and act of kindness each day.

God is in the funny conversation with each village family who asks, daily, what I am doing here, who I am here with, and why I am not like all the other crazy sexpot Americans who stay with Ms. Ida, but stay at the Karaoke Bar and beyond.

God is in my Crystal drinking water, bbq chicken and cortisone cream, sustaining me at every moment, and in every email and comment encouraging me to press on.



5 thoughts on “Knock, knock.”

  1. uhmmm…i think there was also something about “Why? Is He visiting?”. I feel special and warm and happy knowing that you are looking for God in all the right places. Amazin’ isn’t He? Mom


  2. Dear Brooke,
    I read this blog entry to Jennifer tonight and we are both in tears of joy and sadness. Please let us know when the Village Council meeting will be so that we can specifically pray for the council, you and the girls of the village.

    We are so blessed by the tales you share and the beautiful people of Belize whom you put faces on for us! Jesus Christ is Lord of Belize, indeed!

    Suzanne & Jennifer, Team #14


  3. that just made me tear up, i think god just used you to remind me that he is waiting patiently for me to ring

    which beth moore study? i have done several… and i also think reading this just made me want to pull out one and dust it off…thanks brook


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